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MAXIMIZE the size of your Direct Marketing Lists

Cable 2.0 is dedicated to a single mission: maximizing sales from direct marketing by cable companies. A key enabler of this mission is knowing ALL of the addresses in your footprint as well as their CURRENT serviceability status. We see Serviceability to be a dynamic condition – it can change with the acquisition of another non sub that improves the proximity of a new address to your existing network. Acquiring new addresses combined with a real time view of serviceability status enables a MSO to increase both sales and connects. This paper focuses on how Cable 2.0 leverages its Address-Mine tool to locate every address that currently exists within your footprint.

Address-Mine is a central component of 2.0’s TurboDB platform. As its name implies, this component is responsible for data mining of address sources to identify those that are not currently known to an MSO and therefore not included in their direct marketing campaigns. Address-Mine works in conjunction with other TurboDB services; Serviceability Plus & SMARTC2 disconnect screening, to ensure that the new addresses we provide are both able to be served and have an active contact phone whenever possible

Download the whitepaper to discover how Address Mine can help you maximize your cable footprint.


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