Small Business Phones on the DNC List

If we can find them on the web, you can call them.

One of the most frustrating things for OTM marketing to small businesses is to find out a large percentage of the phone numbers you have are on the DNC list. So those phones can’t be called, right? Well no, not in the vast majority of cases.

If we can find the company and the phone number on the company’s public web site, or if we find the company in a public business phone directory, it is generally ok to call them.

PHONE VAL is a fully automated platform for:

  • Finding small businesses on the web
  • Finding the phones included on their public web sites
  • Finding small businesses on public phone directories along with their phone numbers
  • Keeping a full processing record of when we found them on the web, and what we found for full audit purposes.

Download the whitepaper to discover how Small Business Phones on the DNC List can help you maximize your cable footprint.


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