Serviceability-PLUS (S+)

Maximize your Cable Footprint

Serviceability-PLUS (S+) is an innovative new service that provides cable companies with the means to check on the COAX serviceability of new addresses as well as existing addresses that are considered “not serviceable” in the footprint on a frequent regular basis, for example, monthly.

This innovation will allow a cable company to keep current with all the changes that occur dynamically throughout their footprint. In particular S+ will quickly identify addresses that become serviceable, thus allowing them to go into the marketing mix.

We work with the cable company to put in place two things

  • A process to receive monthly snapshots of the company’s customer base (actives, formers, nevers)
  • A full list of all the 5- or 7- digit zip codes that are within footprint.

Download the whitepaper to discover how Serviceability Plus(S+) can help you maximize your cable footprint.


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