Cable is clearly a superior service, and value, as compared to its competition. However, that alone will not allow for optimal performance in your direct marketing programs. You need more…you need complete, current and accurate information on all the passings in your footprint. It is our experience that increased sales and penetration can be realized through a consistent and persistent direct marketing contact strategy that reaches ALL acquisition and upgrade opportunities. Cable 2.0 can enable any MSO – no matter their size – to implement such a strategy and own their footprint. Our TurboDB service platform can:

  • Provide the missing non sub addresses in your footprint
  • Provide the necessary direct marketing contact information on these non subs (e.g. Provide active valid phone numbers and names)
  • Leverage Serviceability-Plus to ensure that the current “reality” prevails in your non sub data
  • Inspect the non subs in your current footprint data and update/complete the contact and serviceability information as necessary
  • Remove and Replace disconnected contact phones for subs and non subs
  • Overcome Do Not Call (DNC) limitations on Outbound Telemarketing to Small Businesses
  • Update your subscriber contact information as necessary as well as “fill in the blanks” for missing contact information

Missing Non Sub Addresses: Every MSO, to some extent, has a gap between the addresses that are built in their biller/known within a marketing system or data warehouse, and the complete universe of non subs at any given time. In many cases, all initially identified footprint addresses are built in a MSO’s biller at a point in the often-too-distant-past and then not updated internally until one is sold. New construction of residential and small business dwellings are often not captured on a regular basis. In the case of a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU), the address in the biller is merely the “address one” street-level address, excluding the suite/room numbers (i.e. “address two” level) which prevents the MSO from using direct marketing to all “residents” (or small businesses) within the MDU.

Non Sub Direct Marketing Contact Information: Cable 2.0 has hands-on working experience with all of the premier compiled list data vendors. We use a multi-sourced solution to take advantage of the strengths of each data source to optimize (1) the number of new addresses identified, and (2) provide all necessary contact information such as phone, address one & two, name, and email address. We can perform the necessary data hygiene and standardization to maximize mailability; screen the provided phone numbers to eliminate disconnects/attempt to find a replacement; ensure that Do-Not-Call (DNC) processes remain compliant BUT does not “over-suppress”; provide both residential and small business email addresses.

Serviceability: All too often, this information is outdated (i.e. defined when the address is initially built as compared to the MSO physical plant at that time) when one compares the view in a MSO’s biller/marketing systems to the current state of what can be served with little or an acceptable amount of new construction. This issue arbitrarily limits your non sub acquisition market. Cable 2.0 understands that the ability to serve a new address is dynamic, changing over time as new subscribers are added and/or the MSO’s physical plant is expanded for other reasons. Our Serviceability-Plus service allows us to identify prospects that the MSO can profitably serve, but is either restricted by outdated information from the initial address build OR missing information for newly identified addresses that have never been walked-out. NOTE: serviceability data is used across the entire MSO enterprise (e.g. ordering, counting formal “homes passed”, digital platforms). Cable 2.0 is well versed in uncovering all of the functional considerations when updating serviceability and will work with various MSO teams to ensure that all enterprise functions are taken into consideration.

Updating Contact Information & Serviceability for “Existing” Non Subs: TurboDB is designed to inspect known addresses in your biller and/or marketing systems and correct existing contact/serviceability information where it is populated and “fill in the blanks” where this information does not exist. Note that this is accomplished by combining our TurboDB and Serviceability-Plus services.

Remove & Replace Disconnected Contact Phone Numbers: A key component of the TurboDB platform is SMARTC2 – our proprietary, automated, high volume phone validation/screening process. SMARTC2 allows us to determine if your contact phones in your marketing data sources are disconnected. This can be performed on a high volume basis that would suffice for even the largest MSOs. The output of this process can be folded back into TurboDB so that we provide a replacement phone number (one or more), thereby salvaging that “lead” so that it can be called via OTM.

Overcome DNC for Small Business: We have observed that nearly half of the contact phone numbers provided by traditional phone data vendors for Small Business are also on the federal DNC list. WebGrab is another TurboDB component, designed to perform data mining on the internet as well as publically available phone directories to determine if a DNC phone is also in the public domain, in which case its DNC status would not normally apply. If in fact your contact phone for a particular Small Business is not publically available, we can replace it with one or more phones for that company that are in the public domain and free to be used in an OTM campaign. Note that this is of value for both non sub acquisition as well as upgrading of subscribers.

Updating Contact Information on Subscribers: Upgrade campaigns are often limited in scope (and sales volume) by the lack of complete and current phone and email data. Phone numbers provided by a subscriber at time of sale often change over time, without the knowledge of the MSO. Existing phone numbers may be on your DNC list without merit, in the interest of compliance but at the expense of marketing volumes. A landline contact number provided by a subscriber may now be disconnected, or subsequently be ported to a wireless line, requiring special processing. In the interest of brevity we can end the examples here – suffice it to say that a MSO is well served by leveraging TurboDB for their known subs as well as for non subs.

In closing, while MSO’s know that the competition does not measure up to Cable in both service and value, they have to ensure that every non sub in the “true” serviceable environment is contacted consistently and persistently. That closely aligns with the mission of Cable 2.0, and by virtue of our services and industry experience, we know we have the tools needed for a MSO to own their footprint.